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The Brand of Bioblogging?

bioblog.jpgMichael Smith of bioblogging.com submits this branding challenge:

I own a niche (literally, the trademark) for a brand (a “bioblog”) that is also a new art form (for resumes). I own the book (Bioblogs: Resumes for the 21st Century, HarperCollins Fall ’06). I own the only blogs on the subject: on WordPress, Typepad, Blogspot. The book is in libraries but the concept is still hidden from the market (lazy publisher). I am trying to promote an idea, a revolutionary reaction to traditional resumes (of which I am an expert).

The recent global branding teleconference spoke of branding this and that, and the session with the ‘branding experts’ discussed resumes and CVs and bios, but only a bioblog is really anywhere near being a “branded resume.” I could only listen while I wanted to shout. Nobody knows. How does one man shout loud enough over the blogosphere to be heard when they don’t recognize the word: BIOBLOG!

This, to me, is a challenge. Mark Hovind (JobBait.com) and George Blomgren have been supportive, but how can I approach viral marketing when I am not trying to sell anything . . . just inform . . . and seed a future market?


OK, this challenge is a bit different from some of those we’ve looked at in the past – it is more conceptual. So, you marketers and branders – what are your comments, questions, critiques, remarks? What advice would you give? The Comments are open!


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