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A BrandingWire Shift

gear-shift.jpgFor those of you who have been following BrandingWire, you know that a group of us decided to conduct an “experiment” of sorts – tackling branding challenges as a group, one per month, pooling our expertise and perspectives. We’ve tackled coffee, a town in Colorado, car sales, and other themes, and its been an enjoyable ride.

But now it’s time to try to expand and morph the BrandingWire model a bit – to include YOU. Instead of a group of 10-12 of us tacking a single challenge once a month, now we’d like to open BW up and invite the entire community to contribute. Here’s how…

Do you have a branding/marketing challenge that you’d like to borrow some expertise on? Great – submit the need in a brief [e-mail to: stevew(at)stickyfigure.com], describing the background, the current state, and the goal (here is a simple version of a backgrounder; here is a very thorough version). We’ll post appropriate challenges on the site. Any or all of the BrandingWire posse – and, in fact, any marketing blogger – will be welcome to post in the Comments with suggestions and ideas.

Do you like wrapping your brain around real-life branding challenges? Great – then be a contributor, pitching in your expertise as new needs are posted.

What we have found here at BrandingWire is that we groove on REAL problems – we like to be presented with a variety of gnarly issues, and now we want to give the entire community of marketing bloggers an opportunity to “show their stuff” by generating creative ideas and asking relevant questions – maybe even having lively discussions and disagreements in the process!

Ready? Here we go – join the shift at BrandingWire, by submitting challenges you (and companies you know) have, and sharing your ideas.

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Here is a prime example of how marketing advice from the BrandingWire team has helped one small company.

If you or your company has been helped by our various writings over the months, why not add a comment or put up a post? We’d love to know what you think!

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