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20070709174047.jpgThis month, the BrandingWire posse has taken on the real-life challenge of suggesting creative branding ideas for a “destination” town – Estes Park, Colorado.

For some background on the town, its demographics, and the branding challenge, read this post.

Each of the BrandingWire pundits has a unique take on the ways that Estes Park can differentiate itself, and more effectively market itself as a destination for various types of travellers. Practical ideas include logo/tagline development, website re-design, outreach to travel writers, more effective use of social media and referrals, and many more.

Here are links to our various posts on the topic:

Martin Jelsema

Lewis Green

Kevin Dugan

Valeria Maltoni

Steve Woodruff

Drew McLellan

Patrick Schaber

Derrick Daye

Gavin Heaton

Becky Carroll

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Be sure to check out last month’s challenge, the branding and expansion of a coffee shop!


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