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Closing out our commentary on automobile sales here in August, a great little video making fun – in a rather striking way – of those annoyingly loud TV commercials.

Hat tip – Brand Flakes for Breakfast blog.


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An interesting perspective here from Matthew May, whose Elegant Solutions blog deals with many automobile-related issues. This post discusses the move of a higher-ranking Toyota/Lexus executive over to Chrysler. The point: she may have reached a “ceiling” in the Toyota/Lexus camp because she had not done a spell in automobile sales.

(A similar culture, by the way, exists in pharmaceuticals – an almost-always necessary bottom rung of the ladder is having “carried the bag” as a sales representative, if you hope to move up into high-level positions in Sales or Marketing).

For a boatload of valuable marketing/branding perspectives on automobile dealerships and sales, read our collaborative BrandingWire posts from earlier this month…

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Just came across this post on Seth Godin’s blog, about an (attempted) car-buying experience he had not long ago.

The money quote:

…it’s obvious that a great salesperson is going to sell far, far more than a good one. That’s because it’s not a linear scale. The great ones reach out. They work the phones when they’re not first in line. They understand what a customer wants. They’re not just better than good. They’re playing a totally different game.

His take on how to improve things (fire half the sales force!) is pretty interesting…

PLUS – here’s a quick post on how a Toyota executive outlined the problem of shoddy customer service at dealerships. I love this quote:

One consumer, responding to a survey of car buying, said she’d rather attend a funeral than do business at a dealership.

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Hurry on down! Bad credit, no credit – you qualify to read and comment!

truck-deal.jpgThis month, the BrandingWire posse takes on auto sales. No marketing backgrounder needed on this one – we’ve all experienced what it’s like to go into a car dealership. We all know how cars are branded and sold in the retail environment. Now, the BW marketing gurus give their suggestions on what works, and what needs to change.

But wait! Before you click on the links and read our various posts on the topic, we want you to take part! Tell us your stories – good, bad, or ugly. Click on the Comments and give all of our readers a paragraph on what you’ve experienced. How would you change the automobile sales process?

You see, the marketing blogger community, and certainly the group at BrandingWire, want to see better branding and marketing practices. And the best way to do that is to proclaim, with a loud voice, what is good, and what really stinks. Join us as we seek to provide input to the auto industry on what we, the customers, would like to see for a buying experience!

Here are the posts (so far!) from the BrandingWire team:

Becky Carroll

Drew McLellan

Steve Woodruff

Valeria Maltoni

Patrick Schaber

Lewis Green

Martin Jelsema

Olivier Blanchard

Kevin Dugan

Derrick Daye

And, a guest blogger post from Ed Roach (Brand Corral), with follow-ups from Ed here and here.

Also, Chris Brown decided to jump right in with a post of her own on this theme, as did Acorn Creative (both praising the Saturn customer experience).

UPDATE: Cam Beck weighs in with some thoughts of his own, as does Jeanne Bliss over at Marketing Profs Daily Fix.


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